Save-The-Dates & 250 days to go

After several months, I’ve finally mailed out Save-the-Date cards! People have already started receiving them, and I’m so excited! Plus, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them. I have to say, my creative juices and photographer brain were working overtime the day I made them!

I can’t believe that in 8 months, I will be getting married!

Sure it seems like a long ways away. 250 days to be exact, but I know it will be here in the blink of an eye. The good news is the most of the large items are taken care of, so I can focus on the details now. And now is a good time to start working on those details, so I don’t get overwhelmed!

I know it’s time to recruit my friends to help me out. I feel bad for my friends Cat and Amanda, as they are the only two that are close by, so they’re getting sucked in to helping and all my crazy plans and ideas! I wish Manda lived closer so we could work on things together. I know she’d be a great help!

The great thing is, my friends know that I’m crazy, so they expect nothing less from me.

The bad part is that I have so many ideas and most of them are a little too far out of reach. But I know that regardless, in 250 days, I will marry the love of my life and I will have a wedding that everyone will be talking about. At least everyone who attends!! There’s gonna be so many special little things that will make the day special.


The Save The Date Cards

I am looking to make creative Save-the-Date cards. I’m a photographer, so I’m always looking creative ways to express my ideas!

I know it will definitely have a photo or two on it. I’ve been working on it and I have a really cool idea. Now I just have to put it in place.

Our wedding is in October of 2011. The next question is when to mail out the cards. Ideally we could do it right now, but I have to get them printed and complete the guest list first.

I guess completing that is the number one priority! But it’s hard to make. We currently have more people on it then we were planning to have, but I also realize that many of the people on our list will not be able to make the trip to Tennessee from Wisconsin or other parts of the country. I guess that’s the downfall of living away from home. It’s really hard to pick who to invite. I could easily have double our currently list, if I invited everyone I wanted to.

We’re planning on having a reception in my hometown, so those who can’t make the trip can attend the ceremony (and then I can wear my wedding dress twice!!), but it’s hard to plan. It’s a year away and who knows what work schedules will be come this time next year!

Regardless, I want the save-the-dates to go out soon, or we may have to wait until after the new year, as I don’t want them to be lost amongst the Christmas cards!

I really wish I could share my ideas for them, but I want it to be a surprise to my guests! I’m doing my best to not tell or show anyone what I am doing.