DIY Photo Booth

I absolutely loved having my wedding and reception at the same venue. I would strongly recommend it to any bride out there. There was no frantic running around between two places to set up. My only fear having it at the same place, was what my guests would do while we were taking photos after the ceremony.

I opted for a do-it-yourself photo booth!

The idea of a photo booth was appealing to me, since I wanted as many photos from my wedding I could possibly get, but the cost of renting one was more that I paid for a lot of things in my wedding.

Lucky for me and my internet searching I found some amazing photo booth software! For $60 I downloaded Sparkbooth which uses your laptop’s webcam to take the pictures. I actually used a better webcam, hooked up through USB and mounted on a tripod, to get a little better photo quality, and alleviate the need for my guests to cram around my small netbook.

The best part about the software, is all guests have to do to start the process, is hit the space bar! Sparkbooth is the coolest software I have ever used.

Once we had the software in place, it was time to buy silly props for guests to use. After Halloween sales and the Dollar Tree became my friend, as I found cheap hats, glasses, boas, and chalk boards. I bought every crazy thing I could find and most items were used!

The photos we  got back were hilarious and something we will treasure forever.

The best part is, I’ve used the Sparkbooth software several times since then. It’s fun and easy.

If you thought about having a photo booth and just can’t afford it, this is a great alternative, especially if you have a laptop and a webcam!

The pictures you’ll get back will be well worth the $60.


10 comments on “DIY Photo Booth

  1. Cassie Hernandez says:

    Just a quick question. I purchased sparkbooth in February for a gathering we were having to try it out before my husbands big 50th in July. Everything is backwords. Lettering and position of people. Did you have this problem? Thanks,

  2. Allie says:

    Do the photos have to be printed immediately, or is there an option to save them to the laptops hard drive? I’m thinking of using this software for a small work function, and because printer paper and ink are both so expensive, I was hoping they could just be uploaded to Facebook instead. The photos are bound to get there anyhow! Thanks!

  3. Kerry says:

    I want to use Sparkbooth at my niece’s wedding but I’m finding the quality of the printed photos is very low when using the built in webcam on an iMac. What webcam did you buy and did you find it really improved the photo quality? Thank you for your time.

    • I used my detachable web cam. (One that normally sits on top of the computer) and attached it to a tripod. The built in web cam was definitely not good enough quality. The webcam I have was bought at Wal-Mart several years ago for about $20. I had to attach it to the tripod with tape, but some web cams now come with the ability to mount them directly to a tripod. Let me know if have any other questions.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I don’t like the iSight cam on any of my Apple computers either. It’s good for small video or chatting online. Logictech C910 is awesome and great for videos and for taking pictures. You will need a lot of light (well diffused even lighting). You should pick a designated area and control the lighting on the subject at all times. Otherwise, the image will look so poor (underexposed) on the screen and the printed images will look horrible.

    I use a dye sub printer (google Selphy) and it works great! I like Sparkbooth but I also think Breeze System software is cool ( and will meet you rneeds).

  5. You should be a part of a contest for one of the best websites on the web. I’m going to highly recommend this site!

  6. Dan says:

    I have used a setup for years and many occasions. I summarized it on my blog site.


    Photobooths are often the life of the party!

    Dan at Vigorotaku

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